WizitUp Independent Content Creator Solution (WICSS)WizitUp offers teachers an unequalled opportunity to sell their contents to the world and monetize their creativity.

That knowledge workers often times feel that their reward is not commensurate with their income, hence the saying that ‘a teacher’s reward is in heaven’. This is often so because instructors can only take on a few students at a time in the traditional face-to-face teaching.

That instructors and teachers are not able to reach their target students either due to limitation caused by distance or non-existence of a platform that connects teachers and students.

That WizitUp connects content creators seamlessly with content seekers around the world. WICCS was designed to help Independent Content creators or teachers maximize the benefit of their profession.

Features & Solutions

Easy upload of Elearning material

With the embedded authoring tools, you can create your own content with ease, and upload your materials online, exposing your work to individuals and corporate institutions around the globe.

Monetize Content

Sell yourself and monetize your content with ease using our e-payment portal. Schools (or other organizations) and individuals can subscribe to your content; and pay you.

Engage students

Invite students for class discussions; send tests and assignments; follow-up and monitor students performance; and keep in-touch with your students.

Schedule Classes

Create classes with our class scheduling solutions, and send invites to your students.

Student Performance Analytics with the Grade Book

Our student grade book helps you as an instructor to track the performance of your students, and pinpoint your students’ weaknesses and strengths which in turn gives you an insight into how best to manage them.

Chat and Discussion Forums

In the discussion forum and chat, you as an instructor have the opportunity to interact with your students and answer their questions. This forum gives your students a sense of convenience as they study more or less on their own terms and at their convenience

Marketing Campaigns

WizitUp cloud solution is a meeting place for content creators and seekers, which automatically offers marketing advantage. You benefit from the marketing campaign in the platform.

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