WizitUp for Government and Charity Organisations (WGCO)With technology, we can achieve more with less.

That the demography has changed and the most common complaints coming from parents and teachers include: Our children do not like to read books anymore; they spend all their time on the internet; they use the computer like it runs in their blood; our children are no longer interested in going to school; they want an easy life.

That on average, Nigerian students spend almost the same amount of time online as the kids in more developed countries. However, Nigerian students are less exposed to educational content/material than their foreign counterparts, preferring social media and entertainment websites over e-learning and research websites.

That the student population (from age 5-25) in 2013 was approximately 100 million. Government can use technology to reach this age group and deploy educational and training materials to them seamlessly. Government can use broadband technology more effectively and cheaply to disseminate specific and targeted information to the youth.

That WizitUp is an e-learning content and platform provider that brings teachers and students together. Any teacher can create and upload his/her video and text lessons on WizitUp and any student who is interested in that subject can subscribe to it and learn at his or her pace. With WizitUp, there is no dull student, every student is a Wiz!

Features & Solutions

Learning Management System (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

WizitUp features a cross-platform SCORM-complaint, Cloud-Hosted Learning Management System (LMS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), School Management System (SMS) and Student Information System (SIS).

School Management Solution (SMS) and School Information System (SIS)

Schools are equipped with features that allow them to manage their students and parents records; receive online payment securely; monitor student and teachers performances using gradebooks; reach their students globally with the internet

School Content Management

School subject teachers can seamlessly record their subject videos and deploy notes and assignments with our authoring tools.

Branded Web Presence

With WizitUp, schools get their own unique url to showcase their content to the world.

Proprietary Learning Materials

Schools can use WizitUp e-Learning materials to teach their students in and out of classrooms. Our innovation resulted from the fact that students’ retention and success rates at examinations can be enhanced through constant repetition.

WizitUp Hotspot

This smart solution enables schools to be online and/or offline when they choose. The WizitUp Hotspot was created to solve the education problem in Nigeria with innovative Technology regardless of Nigeria’s acute broadband shortage.

Preloaded Educational Tablets

The preloaded tablets come in options for students of ages ranging from pre-school to tertiary schools. These tablets come with preloaded educational content, and with internet connectivity configured specially for learning websites.

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