WizitUp Corporate Solution (WCS)Helping organizations maximize investments in human capital development.

That every organization agrees that staff training and development are their core investments for performance improvement and organizational growth. As a result, organizations spend huge amounts of money to train and develop staff and therefore need to get the most out of these.

That most trainings are either fast-paced or the content delivery duration are compressed due to time constraints. Therefore, participants often miss out on the main purpose of the trainings, which is to help participants develop some requisite skills.

That training Managers can get Content and Training Providers to upload the training materials for their staff online, so that they can go through over and over again at their own pace and comfort. Trainers and Training managers can also view and monitor how effective the trainings are and even manage the learning outcomes for the benefit of their organizations.

That the WCS is a cloud-hosted platform that organizations can use to create, manage and administer learning. It is available so that organizations can trap trainings offered to their employees and take them online to make them accessible to all staff whenever and wherever. This will help to maximize investments in human capital development.

Features & Solutions

Branded Web Presence

Customize your homepage with a unique url to showcase your brand to the world.

Upload and Store Official Materials

Securely store and continually update your corporate trainings, speeches and other documents, to ensure that your authorized employees have easy access to these resources 24/7.

Trainings & Employee Empowerment

Use our WizitUp authoring tool to enable your organization create and upload your training content and examination questions easily and conveniently. Your organization will spend a lot less to train employees and to help them develop their full potential.

Live Webcasts

Create corporate live webcasts, where CEOs can invite employees for discussions, interviews and other corporate meetings. Management and staff can engage in online real-time webcasts at minimal cost.

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