WizitUp Learn on the go

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WizitUp Learn-on-the-go (Student Tablet)

The LOTG is a tablet preloaded with contents for Primary and Secondary Schools. Students can achieve self-learning with our tablets without using the Internet. Contents are developed with the Nigerian, British and American curricula, so students can relate to those taught in classrooms by their teachers and cover their examination syllabi easily.

Contents preloaded include Videos of lessons covered by renowned tutors, cartoons and animations, educational games designed to cover the topics, Question banks and smart notes.

Parental control features are available so Parents can manage and limit exposure of kids to the internet; especially for Primary and Junior Secondary students.

Our Learning Apps

For those who already have their smart devices, you can download the learning apps for Android from the Google Play store.

WizitUp Learn-on-the-go (Student Tablet)


  • Search, and playback videos as many times as possible

    Our videos are designed and created to help students easily understand the topics taught in the classroom. Students can play and replay videos to help them reinforce and retain learning; they can also pause the videos anytime and go back to it, make notes and references.
  • Self-assessment and Practice

    Students can set self-assessment tests using their tablets. There are pre-loaded question bank that test the level of understanding students have with the various learning videos. This test also prepares them for any examination.
  • Interactive and engaging 2D and 3D animations

    lessons for junior students are taught with cartoons and simulations
  • Access notes that guides learning

    Students can make their own notes or use our smartnotes
  • Participate in group work online

    Online feature can be activated on the tablet. With this feature, students can connect, in chatrooms and forums, helping them ask questions and broaden their knowledge.
WizitUp Learn-on-the-go (Student Tablet)