Product Details

WizitUp In-classroom

WizitUp In-Classroom is a rich curriculum-based digital teaching aid and resource app for teachers to use to make learning fun and exciting for students. It is available for both Primary and Secondary Schools.

Today, it is no longer enough for teachers to transfer knowledge the traditional way to the students, they must keep up with technological developments and must utilize digital tools to keep their students engaged and excited.

With WizitUp In-Classroom technology, teachers will retain their roles in the classroom through smart adoption of digital tools and continue to be the coach and mentor of today's students.

WizitUp In-classroom enriches teacher’s presentation with the use of versatile illustrations, animations, simulations and well written textbooks grouped within the app according to subjects and topics. The App also has rhymes and songs with lesson cartoons for class control and motivation.


  • Flexible:

    WizitUp In-classroom can be used on interactive boards, Smart TV sets and projectors, with either a tablet or laptop
  • Simple and Intuitive:

    Teachers' feedback was an important part of our product development process. It was developed by teachers for teachers, as a result, the software is easy to use by all teachers.
  • App is preloaded with contents. These include:

    • Topic-level illustration
    • Topic-level animations
    • Simulations
    • Rhythm and Songs
    • Textbooks
WizitUp in-classroom