Product Details

WizitUp Corporate LMS for Trainers and Educators

Wizitup Corporate LMS provides Corporate organizations and trainers with a robust LMS for their trainings and e-learning needs.

WizitUp Corporate LMS was designed and developed to offer trainers an opportunity to host their training contents online and reach as many students as possible.

WizitUp Corporate LMS is easy to use and install. All that is needed is to subscribe for the service. Contact us to set you up online.


For Corporate Trainers

  • Manage online schedules
  • Respond to subscribers request, on trainers' websites
  • Administer assessments and tests
  • Administer classes and courses
  • Create, upload and manage additional contents (videos and notes)
  • Charge subscribers for training materials and other resources

Trainees will

  • Have access to training contents and presentations (audio-visual, illustrated, powerpoint and texts)
  • Participate in tests, view results and performance history
  • Chat and participate in group work online
  • Access the content in-premise and remotely with PC, tablet or mobile (as permitted by the administrator)
  • Subscribe to courses/modules
  • Make online payments